Wolverine Creek,Intermediate Atv Trail

Wolverine Trail # 082 Palisades Ranger District

Good old reliable is what we often call this trail, it’s super fun and super fast! The trail it self is not very long it’s only 3.3 miles so when time is limited this is a great trail. Wolverine Creek can be accessed from both of the two major roads  in the Heise Kelly Canyon area  the low road that follows the river #206 or the high road past the ski hill #218 If you don’t mind some road riding it’s a great ride to make in a loop.

honda xr100 in the lead


Wolverine Creek empties into the south fork of the snake river. Forest service or fish n game not sure who? But Someone has made a very nice parking spot at the trail head. It is a very cool place to sit and put your gear on, n hey if you or someone doesn’t feel like or can’t ride. the fishing can be great.

south fork snake river

Great Place For A Trail Head

Because this trail is so fun so fast so easy to find n ride, it usually has allot of traffic on it. SO ALWAYS KEEP A WATCH OUT FOR OTHER RIDERS IN A HEAD ON SITUATION.  it happens allot on the weekends and even some nights in the middle of the week. Wolverine Creek Trail can be full of rookie riders on any and every kind of four wheeler or dirt bike, i have even seen people try to squeeze their side by sides on this trail, witch makes for a big pain in  your ride side..trying to get around them. So just an fyi. In short great trail on a week night when day light is fading or on the weekend with large groops of people and plenty of time.



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