Burnt Aspen Trail, Advanced Single Track


The Trail sign says it all, DIRT BIKERS WELCOME! and have been for a while  if the old school dirt bike is any indication of time? Burnt Aspen Trail is the only single track in the Wild Horse area, but man is a good one. It is very steep, full of switch backs and rocks on 1/2 of the trail.  The other 1/2 of the trail is DIRT BIKE HEAVEN ON EARTH for single track lovers Curvy, Steep, Smooth,and Fast.

The Devil's bedstead idaho

The Best n Almost Only Stopping Place On The Trail

This is great trail to ride in a loop or even get to the bottom turn around and go back the same way, the choice is yours. Like the dirt bike sign says Kane Canyon 9 miles. Very easy way to ride back to camp. kinda long tho maybe 15 miles give or take it’s on the road so it’s fast.

mt borah in the distance

You Can See The Tallest Mountains In The State From The Trail

The view from the saddle of the trail is just another reason to ride this trail, on the wild horse side you can see MT Borah and on the other side you have a great view of The Devil’s Bedstead. very cool mountain over 11,000 feet.

devils bedstead burnt aspen trail idaho

High Mountain Scenery Never Gets Old

burnt aspen trail summit idaho

Looking Down On Wild Horse n Out Toward Mt Borah

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