Skill Level Definitions

Just like every machine is different, every rider is different. So what that means, is that my idea of what is HARD or EASY is probably different than yours, and what I consider a beginner, intermediate, or advanced, could be different than yours.

1st Beginner – A Beginner Idaho Trail Rider is someone who is just getting started, but is already comfortable with their machine. Also has the desire and potential skill to improve to an intermediate rider. You need to be very comfortable with your machine before you ever attempt any off road trails.

2nd  Intermediate – An Intermediate Idaho Trail Rider is someone that is comfortable, confident, and knowledgeable.  But still improving their riding skills. The expected trail conditions would be but not limited to muddy, rocky, steep, rutted, switch backs, sand, loose rocks, and narrow. But usually these trail conditions are in just a few spots on the trail and the rest of the trail is fine.

3rd Advanced – An Advanced Idaho Trail Rider is someone who knows their own abilities, limitations, and WANTS TO PUSH THEM! This means all of the advanced trails listed in this site are trails that I consider challenging to say the least! They have the potential to RUIN YOUR DAY or even worse staying the night in the deep mountains crashed, injured, broke down, or even just lost from your group. So if you ride a trail that we consider advanced, and it is easy for you. Great your a better rider than us, but if you go and get worked over. Sorry that is just the price you pay sometimes when you love to ride.

I want every rider to have the best ride every ride! The last thing we want to do is get any riders in a bad situation based on anything they have read on this site.  Trails and trail conditions are always changing faster than we could ever try to keep up with. So please email us with any questions and we will do our best to answer them.


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