Kelly Canyon, Heise

Hands down my favorite place to ride after work. This is a Large Area with plenty of riding for the night,the day or the weekend. Being just  30 minutes from Idaho Falls Makes it super easy to ride when ever you have the time. There is a HUGE VARIETY  of great terrain to ride. Multiple ATV, Four Wheeler, Side by Side, Razor, Jeep and MOST IMPORTANT! LOTS AND LOTS OF GOOD HARD SINGLE TRACK! 

Sunset Kelly Mountain

Every Nights A Good Night When Your Riding Heise

Most of the riding here  ranges from moderate to easy. That being said, Be for warned it is very easy to get in over your head out here. I would highly suggest taking a map with you until you become familiar with the area trails and terrain.

Argument Ridge Kelly Canyon

Relaxing And Taking In The View From The Summit I Can’t Get Enough

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