This is a great ride for most riders and can be done as an evening ride to watch the sunset then get back to the main road before it’s completely dark. So depending on were you park and how fast you ride you may have a long dark road ride back or you can just park at the bottom of the trail it’s up to you.

Argument Ridge Spring Time

Seeing The Tetons On A Clear Day Is Always A Good Thing

The view from the top is what makes this ride so great. The trail it’s self is OK it’s an old jeep road, so it’s always kinda washed out in the center and in spots it can and is VERY ROCKY! but nothing that has ever stopped me or any one i have been with from getting to the top, we have had to help plenty of younger riders in some of the more challenging spots, but again with a positive attitude and a little team work it’s always fun and worth it at the end of the day.

four wheelers argument ridger

Riding The Ridge Line In The Summer

This Trail / Ride is known by a few different names and that can make it confusing when you are talking to a local about it. So here are all of the different names i have heard for this ride.. and they are all right, simply because other trails merge with this trail. so everyone calls it what they want. The road to the top of the ridge line is called “Hinckley Creek.”  this is what you will see on the trail map. Then when you get  to the top of Hinckly Creek and get on the ridge line.. a trail called Hell Hole meets up so lots of people call it Hells Hole. Then farther up the ridge on the way to the top  a trail called Coal Mine Canyon meets up with it  so i have heard it called Coal Mine Canyon also.

Looking Down Burns Creek To Swan Vally

360 Degrees of Spectacular Views

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